What We Do

The mission of Global Faith Project is carried out in three key ways: Resourcing, Partnerships and Short-Term Missions.


We provide resources to full-time missionaries, pastors, and teachers who are doing the frontline work in building the kingdom in their native countries (particularly focusing on the majority world.) The resources come in the form of financial support, discipleship, and leadership training grounded in the scriptures.


We create links between churches. Our specialty is cross-cultural partnerships such as connecting a church in the United States with a church in the majority world. Global Faith Project is active in countries throughout the world including Cuba, North Africa, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Columbia, France, United Kingdom, Dallas and beyond.

Short-Term Missions

The cross-cultural partnerships are solidified through short-term mission trips/projects both internationally and nationally.

Global Faith Project Initiatives

Dallas Initiative:

The Global Faith Project is dedicated to helping those in need in Dallas through educational opportunities, mentoring, hunger alleviation, and Christian discipleship.

Global Faith Project’s primary Dallas Initiative includes:

Dallas Champions Academy

Carrie and Greg Headington helped found the Dallas Champions Academy in 2010 which has a summer program for inner-city youth with top university athletic coaches and academic teachers, year-round mentoring, Christian formation, and college placement and retention. Dallas Champion Academy’s high school seniors are placed with a mentor who walks them and their family through the college application process. In the past few years, the Dallas Champions Academy helped 18 young people from poverty-stricken homes receive scholarships to college, all being the first in their family to attend.

The Dallas Champions Academy then comes alongside each student as they go to college. A college retention specialist advises the students and families.

The cost to sponsor a student for 1 year is $500.

Click here to make a donation. 100% of proceeds go to the Dallas Champions Academy.

The Greater Dallas Coalition

The Greater Dallas Coalition is a gathering of ministers, ministries, and city leaders who are dedicated to bettering the lives of those living in the poverty-stricken Southern Sector of Dallas.

Dallas has the highest child poverty rate per capita of any city in the nation. Over 90% of children living in the southern sector of Dallas do not have a father in the home. Less than 10% of the children in the Dallas independent school district are college ready. Many people go hungry in this area and it has been named a food desert.

The Global Faith Project partners with the Greater Dallas Coalition to provide food for the hungry (Thanksgiving and Christmas food drives), leadership formation for young adults, and educational opportunities for youth, including college campus visits and mentoring.

Thanksgiving Turkey Drive: $65 to feed a family of 4.
Christmas Food Drive: $65 to feed a family of 4.
Educational College Visits: $15 per student.

Click here to make a donation.


Cuba/ Latin America Initiative:

Cuban Pastors and Ministry Leaders

In 1998, Greg Headington made his first visit to Cuba and has been going twice a year ever since. Greg was immediately struck by the spiritual vitality of the churches and the immense poverty of the people. The Global Faith Project supports church leadership development, discipleship resources, and care for the physical needs of Cubans.

Most Cubans make between $25-30 monthly yet the cost of living for basic needs of a family is roughly $180 per month. It costs roughly $365 a year to support a pastor and family for basic needs (such as food, shelter, and clothing).

Would you become a monthly donor of $30 a month? For a $1 a day you can partner with local Cuban pastors who need our support.

Click here to become a monthly donor. 100% of all donations will go to pastors.

Christ for the City International

The Global Faith Project also partners with Christ for the City International which has ministries around the world – especially in Latin America – coming alongside local churches in high poverty urban areas.

For more information, visit the Christ for the City International website.

North Africa/ European Initiative:

The Global Faith Project supports outreach, evangelism and leadership development in North Africa and Europe, providing assistance to programs, pastors, and local churches in challenging areas.

For more information on this project contact Greg Headington.

Dallas Initiative, Greg Headington with Kids | Global Faith Project

Good News Initiative:

The Good News Initiative was founded by Greg’s wife, Carrie Boren Headington and is dedicated to helping people meet God, know God and share God. Carrie Boren Headington speaks to Christians and seekers encouraging hearts and engaging minds for Jesus Christ.

Carrie also leads numerous workshops focused on equipping followers of Jesus to share their faith in everyday life and to engage the questions our culture is asking.

Visit the Good News Initiative website to learn more and get in touch with Carrie.

International Student Initiative:

The Global Faith Project hosts dinners and gatherings for international university students who have come to Dallas to study. Greg and Carrie Headington open their home every other Friday to students for dinner, discussion, and learning. The Global Faith Project also partners with International Student Inc. to support full-time college workers on Dallas college campuses.

Monthly support of a campus minister of any amount would be appreciated. 100% of donations will go to college student ministers.